what we do

Designwise spends a lot of time rehabilitating dysfunctional Web sites. Almost anyone can put up a Web site, but we are dedicated to creating sites that work.

not just another redesign

We tend to call any given custom web design an “Internet Marketing Project” because this reflects the reality of the online marketplace and the fact that you are building an e-business rather than just a Web site. A company cannot compete on the internet by simply building a site and crossing its fingers that traffic will visit it, turn into customers, and return. Many somewhat sophisticated tasks must be performed and coordinated by professionals — and maintained — to create and run a successful e-business. Very often, strictly in-house efforts fail.

We develop projects in tightly-integrated phases: Site ArchitectureVisual DesignContent ManagementSearch Engine MarketingPPC Advertising and Web Analytics reflect a marketing-oriented approach. The customer can choose to do them all at once or to schedule them over a period of time. When all phases are completed, a project has the best chance of meeting it’s goals.

Finally, a viable e-business requires care and feeding. Internet marketing is dynamic and volatile. So your online advertising and search engine optimization efforts must coordinate with your analytics, be ongoing, and be responsive to change and competitive forces.